Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Cigarette Smoke (Photo credit: Wikipedia) My mother didn’t smoke. My father, who likely picked up the habit as a soldier in World War II, when cigarettes were included in C-rations, smoked until he caught my younger brother stealing cigarettes off his dresser when he was in junior high. My father smoked off and on the rest of their life, as did my brother. I don’t know if my father’s eventual hemorrhagic stroke, a death 20 years earlier than all the men in his family, was related to smoking or not. I didn’t fit any of the categories that seemed to draw teenagers to smoking. I was thin. I... (Read More ...)

Smoking and Lung Cancer Rates Over Time What If You Never Smoked? I’ve never smoked. I could not get the image of rolling up a dollar bill and lighting it out of my mind. I was way too cheap to buy cigarettes. And, I had no illusions that I was cool. Even smoking wouldn’t have changed that. Drugs came behind me in college, except for LSD, which I thought foolish to try when kids were trying to fly off roofs. A “grasser” in college was spreading a blanket out on the grass and drinking beer. So I was fascinated to learn, as an adult, that women used to be arrested for smoking in... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia I was talking with a friend recently about watching the television show Mad Men. I remarked on the fact that they had liquor set-ups in their offices. I didn’t know if this was just an advertising/Madison Avenue phenomenon, or whether it really was common in offices in the 60s. My husband says he remembers going out with professional colleagues in those days who thought nothing of a three-martini lunch. Now, I think it is rare to have more than one beer or a glass of wine at lunch if you are going back to work, if you drink at all. My friend wondered where all the ashtrays... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia I was telling a group of young Moms recently about a conversation I’d had with a guy whose sister had recently had her first baby. Proud Grandma drove out from Texas to Virginia. But, as the brother described it, the new Mom was overly protective of her new baby, and, new Grandma was feeling shut out. After a few days, Grandma went out to get cigarettes, and, without warning, drove back to Texas. The brother thought both could use a copy of my book on how to communicate across generations about the grandchildren. One of the young Moms in the group said immediately,... (Read More ...)