Thursday, August 16, 2018
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My mother was the older child, the only daughter of a single Mom. Group portrait of students around snow-covered school building–the children are standing on the roof, on snow banks, and in snow troughs. Valdez, Alaska. Circa 1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) She and my Dad married in the garden of the Women’s League at the University of Michigan, where they’d met. My Mom, Elizabeth Frederick, neé Notley, born in 1917, known all her life as Betty, had signed up to be a dance teacher, as a Sophomore, to meet guys. My Dad, Raymond Frederick, Junior, born in 1918, known as Ray after he left... (Read More ...)

The island of Ireland, showing international border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (Photo credit: Wikipedia) With My Aunt in It. My father’s people were German and English. My mother’s people were English and Scottish and Irish. My uncle, my mother’s younger brother, who never knew his father, took on a life-long hobby of researching the family’s genealogy and history. We are all in his debt. But, the story of Ireland was mixed. It seems our ancestor, Robert Notley, born in Manchester, England around 1720, was in the business of manufacturing linen. His work took him to... (Read More ...)