Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Weekly Recap. Sunday, December 9, 2012 Last week, readers spent the most time on: A rendition of the musical notation for the chorus of “Jingle Bells”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Who Wrote Jingle Bells? Which Baby Can Be in a Forward-Facing Seat? Walk Along Glider What Temperature Should the Water Heater Be Set So the Water Will Not Burn a Child? Can You Make Popcorn Kernels Dance? Last month, readers spent the most time on: Who Wrote Jingle Bells? Which Baby Can Be In a Forward-Facing Seat? The Term Refraction Means What In Terms of Rainbows? What Is the Best Position for a Baby... (Read More ...)

Did You Read The Bobbsey Twins Growing Up? Cover of 1904 Book, The Bobbsey Twins A few weeks ago, in cleaning out my mother-in-law’s house, I set aside a couple of Bobbsey Twins books because my husband said he remembered reading them when he was growing up. As it happened, my sister-in-law said they were all hers, so, of course, I let her have them. When I got home, I found that we have five of our own, from when our sons were young. I’d read them when I was growing up too, and remembered them fondly. They’re a little advanced for my six-year-old grandchildren, but I decided to read one... (Read More ...)