Friday, January 19, 2018
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Neither my husband nor I had ever put on a yard sale. A Singer treadle sewing machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Our friends do. Some friends shop at yard sales nearly every weekend. But, we don’t. This weekend was different. We were in Hogansville, Georgia, where my parents-in-law lived for more than forty years, disposing of the last of their household goods. My sister- and brother-in-law had put on a yard sale a few months before to dispose of her sister’s things. They had brought what was left, already priced, along with extra labels and yard signs, to my parents-in-law’s house. It was... (Read More ...)

Lemon Drops and Railroad Trains. It was a 12-hour train ride from Dallas, Texas to East Lansing, Michigan, where I went to college, with a transfer in Chicago. Brach’s lemon drops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) My boyfriend later introduced me to the ride board, where you pay for gas and let someone else drive, but I didn’t know about this my first year-and-a-half at school. I like to read and had plenty of time on the train ride. Occasionally, I would meet an interesting seatmate. For this reason, I’ve always loved riding on trains. Once, a young man asked if the seat next to me were taken... (Read More ...)

Did You Ever Set Your House on Fire? I was five. My brother was four. We were not allowed to play with matches. 1914 Santa Claus (Photo credit: Wikipedia So, one bright, sunny afternoon, when a friend was over to play, I took the matches and a candle to my mother to light. She was on the phone and not paying attention. When I presented her with the matches and candle, she lit the candle. I carefully took the lit candle into my bedroom, where my brother and friend were waiting. I tried to crawl under the bed with the lit candle, because it was dark under the bed. The bed was not too low for me... (Read More ...)

Is There Something of Your Mother’s You Always Wanted? When my father died, some years ago, my Mom took my brothers and me into their bedroom and asked if there was anything in particular we wanted. Jewelry. Golf clubs. Clothes. Furniture. One brother got Dad’s car. I got Dad’s ruby dinner ring. The only thing sadder than going through a loved one’s things is knowing that if you don’t, they will pass out of the family, We recently went through this when my mother-in-law died. Books. Jewelry. Photos. It is almost too much to bear. Each item a memory. Each memory letting go of someone... (Read More ...)

Peekaboo with the Moon  Meyerheim: Three children playing "hide and seek" in a forest (Photo credit: Wikipedia) One of my son’s favorite books was one published by Weekly Reader’s Children’s Book Club in 1984. It is now one of his six-year-old son’s favorite bedtime stories. Moon Game was written and softly illustrated by Frank Asch. What Is the Story About? The story is of a little bear in the forest playing hide-and-seek with his friend, the bird. After the sun went down, the bird went home. The little bear decided to play hide and seek with the moon. Everything was fine,... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia As I walked up the stairwell to my newly-burned-out apartment, an accident caused by a next-door neighbor who had fallen asleep with a cigarette in his hand, leaving the four families on our floor scrambling for a new place to live, I was taken back to when I was five by the memory of the smell of burned wood, furniture and clothes. At the age of five, I learned several things: Moms don’t always pay attention A bed is too low to slide under with a candle A closet shows off the light from a candle Just because your friend tells you your hair is on fire doesn’t mean it... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia We cut a hole in the back of our beautiful teak dining room buffet, a combination sideboard and bookcase, to feed the cord from the television through it. That took us through our apartment to our first house. In our next house, we had a dining room separate from the family room where we watched tv and I came up with creative ways to hide the hole. We never used the buffet as a tv stand again. Recently, we acquired a beautiful, inlaid armoire from a friend who was moving from a house to an apartment. Her family had been in the furniture business. She had inherited this piece... (Read More ...)

Recently, I went on a hike with my grandchildren. The Fells, outside Boston, is a 2500-acre nature preserve filled with blaze-marked hiking trails. The Fells, Boston, MA This is the second time we’ve been, the first time with grandchildren. Other hikers were friendly, pointing the way when we got off the path or lost our way back to our car. One suggested we might want to take a five-minute detour, to see the 30 turtles lined up on a log in a near-by pond. He was right. And, that is where we had lunch, on a rock outcrop, surrounded by the deep quiet of woods, overlooking the turtles, enjoying... (Read More ...)