Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Español: Armadura de caballero en la armería del Alcázar de Segovia (España) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I was sitting next to a guy at the bar mitzvah party for a friend’s son and we struck up a conversation. He had recently gotten remarried and was ruminating about his observations on women. “I understand that women like to be wooed and won,” he said. “But, I thought after you won them, the wooing part was over.” I don’t consider myself an expert on relations between men and women. I dated only a little in high school, not even enough to go to either my junior or senior prom. In... (Read More ...)

U Iron your socks don’t you? Day 28 of 365 (Photo credit: DieselDemon) A soon-to-be cousin from the other side of the family, young and single, at a recent family wedding asked me if it is true that men have to be trained after they are married and if they are trainable. My husband and I looked at each other and both said, “the iron.” My husband broke the ice. “Both people train each other to what they need.” Then, I told the story. On some occasion, I no longer remember whether it was a birthday or Christmas, but let’s just say it was Christmas, my husband gave me an iron. He knows... (Read More ...)

Inside the control tower. The instruments give wind speed and direction . A Cessna 152 taxis out for a training flight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Wind Just Changed Direction For me, part of learning how to fly a plane was knowing what I needed to tell air traffic controllers when I communicated with them for permission to land, receiving guidance as to which runway was free. So, I found myself in the air traffic control tower of the airport where I was taking pilot lessons, outside Buenos Aires, Argentina, one bright, clear afternoon. The Argentine air traffic controller asked me if I wanted... (Read More ...)

He Married Me Anyway. My husband says I married him because he told me he only bought permanent press shirts.And, indeed, he taught me that if you take them out of the dryer as soon as it stops, they are just like freshly ironed shirts. However, when he got a chance to interview with IBM his Senior year of college, I decided his shirts needed a little touch-up. I scorched two of them. The third was perfect. Though a two-day trip, he said he only needed one shirt for the interview. He got the job. A cousin tells the story that she put the wrong type of gas in her boyfriend’s sports car when... (Read More ...)

Burned toast. Misplaced knives. Fussing. What are 10 Top Tips for a long marriage?  Digital Harbor High School, Baltimore, Maryland I was giving a career talk to 130 high school students at Baltimore’s magnet school for computer geeks, Digital Harbor High School. It was a two-hour drive from our house, longer at rush hour. My husband suggested going up the night before to have dinner together at the Inner Harbor, before my 9:30 AM speech the next morning. Perhaps because my husband was with me, and because the students only knew me through the computer job guide books I’d donated to the school... (Read More ...)