Thursday, July 19, 2018
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When my son was seven or eight, he came home from a friend’s house, disappeared and was very, very quiet. Karen and Richard Carpenter, 08/01/1972 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Anyone who has a young child knows that prolonged periods of quiet, if they’re not sleeping, is a danger sign. I went to find him to see what was going on. As soon as he opened his mouth, I smelled something awful. It turned out that a friend had dared him to take a bite of a deodorizer disk that his Mom used in the toilet. Why he did it, I’ll never know. But, the next thing we did was call the poison control center. They... (Read More ...)

Ipecac Syrup We had a poisoning incident when our granddaughter was visiting recently. Cleaning fluid left in a drinking glass. Call poison control. They said it might upset her stomach a little, but was not serious. No need for Ipecac or the hospital. Our granddaughter, having been through this routine once before (daffodil bulbs may look like garlic bulbs, but they are poisonous, even when cooked), got out a trash can to throw up in. As it happened, stomach rumbling was the only result. But, while we were waiting to see what would happen, she asked me if this had ever happened to her cousin.... (Read More ...)