Friday, August 17, 2018
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If you remember playing Go, Fish! when you were young, you might want to introduce a different version for your grandchildren, using buttons. Button-Red (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Supplies A range of buttons of various sizes, colors and shapes, that each have at least two so they can be paired One large container for the buttons that you cannot see through Small boxes that you cannot see through Instructions Have each of your grandchildren draw out 7 buttons from the no-see-through container and put them in their own no-see-through boxes Draw out your own seven buttons and put them in your own... (Read More ...)

This is a story about a girl who spills all the buttons in Grandma’s button box while Grandma is out taking her morning walk. Spanish metal button circa 1650-1675, 12mm diameter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) She loves Grandma’s button box because Grandma tells a story about each button. There are buttons from Grandma’s wedding dress, her own baby sweater. Lost buttons that turned up in the doghouse, the fishbowl, the gerbil’s cage. Buttons from everyone in the family – Grandpa’s suspenders, her brother’s tuba recital. She and her brother and sister looked all over to find all the buttons... (Read More ...)

It was the first time I was going to meet my boyfriend’s extended family. Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue Powder Compact, H. Liebes, Portland Oregon (Photo credit: France1978) We had been dating 11 months, together at Michigan State for the first four, then from a distance. I’d met his parents and sisters nine months before. I’d decided to transfer schools to be near where he’d gotten a job after graduation, Washington, DC. But, this was between the end of fall quarter and the beginning of second semester, so I was still staying with my parents in Macon, Georgia, where they’d moved from Texas... (Read More ...)

My mother, born April 14, 1917, came of age during the Great Depression, raised by a single Mom of two kids. Colorful bars of soap on white towel (Photo credit: Horia Varlan) She was 12 when the Stock Market Crash hit, starting with “Black Tuesday” on October 24, 1929. My grandmother, Geraldine Stuart Notley, a graduate of the University of Kansas, had a good job as Principal of the in-hospital school for children at the University of Michigan’s medical center when they had prolonged stays that required schooling in the hospital so they wouldn’t fall too far behind. And, as my mother pointed... (Read More ...)

Shapes. Newspaper vendor, Paddington, London, February 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   Materials An assortment of containers with various shapes on the bottom, jars and boxes Crayons or markers, pencil or pen Newspaper or brown paper grocery bags, cut open to lie flat Instructions Using the marker or crayon, draw around each of the containers set down on the newspaper or grocery bag Ask your grandchild to match all the containers to the drawings by setting the container inside the lines Optional: You and your grandchild take turns closing your eyes and letting the other draw around containers,... (Read More ...)

The Whole Earth Catalog, first published in July, 1968, then published regularly until 1972 and irregularly until 1998, is a catalog of tools, with information about how to order them directly from the manufacturers. Fall 1969 cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Its founder, Stewart Brand, believed that information about the best tools would help people achieve independence in their lives. I have a yellowed copy of The Last Whole Earth Catalog: Access to Tools, published in November, 1971. It won the first U.S. National Book Award for Contemporary Affairs, the first time a catalog had won such an award. I... (Read More ...)

How did you get your Grandma name? William Merritt Going to see Grandma (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Many new or about-to-be grandmas tell me they are not going to pick their Grandma name. They are going to wait for the first grandchild to pick a name for them. They do this in hopes they will have a story to tell about how they got their name. One Grandma I talked to recently said that her children were trying to get the new baby to call her Grandma, though she was waiting for her grandson to come up with something on his own. He started with Bink, since he couldn’t pronounce Grandma, but his parents... (Read More ...)

On May 28 and 29, 1959, the U.S. Department of Defense hosted a meeting designed to kick-off the development of a new, business-oriented, English-like computer language that came to be called COBOL, for Common Business-Oriented Language. The actual first computer bug, a moth found trapped on a relay of the Harvard Mark II computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This meeting followed an April 8, 1959 Conference on Data Systems Languages (CODASYL) at the University of Pennsylvania of users, professors and computer manufacturers. They took as their jumping off point a language developed by Rear Admiral... (Read More ...)

A Leave-Taking   Algernon Charles Swinburne. A true poet from Cartoon portraits and biographical sketches of men of the day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   Let us go hence, my songs; she will not hear. Let us go hence together without fear; Keep silence now, for singing-time is over, And over all old things and all things dear. She loves not you nor me as all we love her. Yea, though we sang as angels in her ear, She would not hear. Let us rise up and part; she will not know. Let us go seaward as the great winds go, Full of blown sand and foam; what help is here? There is no help, for... (Read More ...)

Ordering.   Copyright catalogs at the Library of Congress. Located in room LM-404 of the James Madison Memorial Building, Washington DC. :The publication data for each magazine issue was hand-entered on the 3 by 5 inch index card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) On a recent visit, my grandson asked me how big Virginia was. I asked him if he wanted to know the size in land or people. He said both. I got out 50 index cards. We wrote the name of one state on each card. We looked up the area, in square miles, for each state and wrote it on the index cards. Then, I asked him to lay out the index cards in... (Read More ...)