Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Cards for Hospitalized Kids. Fun with Grandchildren My grandmother was the Principal in the school at the University of Michigan’s hospital. She was responsible for making sure that children who were hospitalized for a long time did not fall too far behind in school. Today, there are still children who will be in the hospital over Christmas. Cards for Hospitalized Kids was founded by an 11-year-old girl, Jen Rubino, in 2006, because of her own chronic illness, multiple surgeries and extended hospitalizations. You and your grandchildren can make much-welcomed... (Read More ...)

Who Taught You You Were Pretty? One of my father’s long-standing hobbies was photography. The Tree of Five Seasons, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Photo credit: Wikipedia) He had his own darkroom. I once saw pictures he’d taken of my Mom when they were on their honeymoon, camping out in upstate New York. A pretty young thing in love, posing by a creek. The Annual Christmas Cards For about ten years, my father made family Christmas cards using his photographs of us. One year, I sat on a throne wearing a princess crown. One year, I sat with a cowgirl costume on while watching tv, while my brothers ran... (Read More ...)