Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Puff, the Magic Dragon Lyrics This month is the 50th anniversary of the January 1963 release of Peter, Paul and Mary’s Puff, The Magic Dragon. I was a Sophomore in high school. How many of the lyrics do you remember from Puff, the Magic Dragon? Dragon (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Do you think they are really talking about drugs? Have you ever been to a Peter, Paul and Mary concert? Did you go to hootenannies in high school or college? Did you ever learn to play the guitar? You can sing along with Peter, Paul and Mary, following the lyrics below, and pretend you’re back at a hootenanny, singing... (Read More ...)

How Do You Know He’s Mister Right? Do you remember when you first knew you had met your mate for life? He called a few minutes before 10 at night, just as we were about to spring a surprise birthday party for someone on our dorm floor. As soon as he introduced himself, I said, “We’re about to spring a surprise birthday party. If you’ll give me your number, I’ll call you back in 30 minutes.” Michigan State University Seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia) And, I did. He said later he was so struck by my thoughtfulness, instead of asking him to call me back 30 minutes later, that he was already... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia In 1967, I was a sophomore in college. It was January, at Michigan State University. We had not yet had any snow for the season. I got a phone call from a guy who was a fraternity brother of someone I’d dated briefly several months before. He said one of the other brothers had suggested he call. We talked for three hours. During that conversation, he asked if I wanted to go toboganning. I said yes, but asked if you could go when there was no snow. He said he was from Georgia and some people said he controlled the sun (a different story – something about making... (Read More ...)