Friday, January 19, 2018
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The Christmas Surprise I knew about my mother’s Christmas present closet. Christmas Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’d even gone through it one year with my younger brother when my Mom was away. It didn’t do me any good. I didn’t know which presents were for me. Under the tree that year, there were none from the secret closet. One year, I got a present that wouldn’t have fit in the closet anyway. Years later, when I asked, Mom told me the box had been stored at a neighbor’s until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Morning That Christmas morning, there was a huge box under the tree. It had... (Read More ...)

When Was the Last Time You Rode a Bike? It’s been more than 20 years since I’ve ridden a bike. The Mount Vernon Trail near Belle View (Photo credit: Wikipedia) My first two bikes were Schwinns. There was the 20-inch bike I learned on and the 26-inch bike I rode to high school and crated to take with me on the train to college. What Kind of Bike Do You Have as an Adult? My current bike is a Nishiki mountain bike that used to belong to my younger son, now 34. I like it because it has the big, fat tires that I got used to on my Schwinns. They give you a nice ride and don’t rupture every time... (Read More ...)

Who Taught You to Ride a Bike? I was six. There was a long, flat road in front of our suburban house in Palos Heights, Illinois. We had a gravel driveway. I remember the gravel because I didn’t quite make the turn into the driveway, fell and scraped my knee on the gravel. And, that was the end of bike riding lessons for awhile, because we were getting ready to move to Iowa that summer. Gravel - Consists of small stones-rocks. Svenska: Vanligt grus. Camera: Nikon D50 Location: Gothenburg, Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Dad had been running behind me, holding on to the back of the seat, then... (Read More ...)

Cyclist Lance Armstrong at the 2008 Tour de Gruene Individual Time Trial, 1 November 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When we were in our 20s, my husband was told he might have testicular cancer and it would require surgery to find out. A frantic weekend, during which we discussed whether we should try for a second child, resulted in the decision not to. Subsequent surgery revealed scar tissue, not a tumor. Cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong, seemingly at the peak of his professional athletic career, got a different diagnosis. His journey through the reality of facing his odds, his good fortune in... (Read More ...)