Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Have You Ever Shot a Gun? In the summer of 1968, I was about eight months pregnant when my husband took me to the rifle range at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. He was stationed there, in Officer Candidate’s School, training to become a Forward Observer for the Artillery, before his eventual deployment to Vietnam. I’d never shot a gun before, but when I showed an interest, he offered to teach me how to shoot. Like most Southern boys, my husband had grown up squirrel and rabbit hunting in Georgia. He easily earned Expert Marksmanship Badges on the M14 and M16 rifles when he joined the Army. Sharpshooters... (Read More ...)

My Great-Grandfather’s Name Was Abraham. Both my uncle on my mother’s side and my grandfather on my father’s side gathered extensive family genealogical records. This year, to celebrate my 65th birthday, my Texas-based brothers decided to gather their families with mine near Boston, where one of my sons lives. During the week, we drove to Guilderland Center, near where my father was born in Schenectady, New York. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There is an historic house, the Mynderse-Frederick House, there that used to belong to a... (Read More ...)

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Where Does the Name Covin Come From? My husband’s last name, Covin, is an Anglicized version of the original French name, Couvain. Apparently, a sailor, Jean-Pierre, from Marseilles, sailed with General Lafayette to serve in the American Revolutionary War. After the war, he asked permission to return from France and settle here. It is a very unusual name, except in South Carolina, where he first settled, Georgia, where my husband’s family has lived for five generations, and Texas, where one brother moved several generations after the first settlers.. Periodically,... (Read More ...)