Friday, August 17, 2018
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Success Stories from Mothers and Grandmothers

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Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers

From Mothers and Grandmothers

“Your wisdom is a wonderful bonus! I’m just trying to decide how I’m going to introduce my daughter and son-in-law to your articles.”

Virginia Grandmother

“It’s very balanced. May I send it to my parents?”

Mother of one

“I’ve got one for me and one for my daughter.”

Louisiana grandmother

“As they say of Olympic gymnasts, you nailed it!”

Mother of an infant

“I received your book yesterday and thought I’d scan it during the commercials while I watched ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ which used to be a favorite TV program. Well, the TV program must not be as good as I remembered it because I couldn’t tell you about any of it. I was totally absorbed in the book. It is clever, interesting and rich in thoughtful advice.”

Grandmother of three

“Just read this. I think it hits the spot. It gave ME someone who understands me as well. So, I don’t feel that I raised my kids all wrong.”

Two grandsons, one granddaughter

“I LOVED the article. It packed a lot of punch. I think it was very much on point and gave me some insight regarding my mother’s thought process….I know she’s not trying to undermine my authority – perhaps I knew that all along but this gently reminded me of that.”

One son, one daughter


From the Experts

“This much-needed book should put life into perspective for both mothers and grandmothers, because it tells both sides of the story so well and gives such sensible advice.”

Marguerite Kelly, The Washington Post, The Family Almanac advice column

“Congrats on a great book! I”m already looking forward to a copy!”

LeAnn Thieman, Co-author,, with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul: Stories to Honor and Celebrate the Ageless Love of Grandmothers

“A thoroughly honest, insightful guide for Grandma, or Nana, or Goddess, or whatever you choose to be called. Packed with good ideas for staying out of trouble.”

Adair Lara, Author, The Granny Diaries: An Insider’s Guide for New Grandmothers

“I LOVED it. What a great (and much needed) book.”

Heather Allard, The Mogul Mom blog

“A lively book that reflects many grandmothers’ experiences. Easy reading and great fun! Despite the author’s chosen title, one message is clear: no grandmother should set herself up as a guru.”

Sheila Kitzinger, Author, Becoming a Grandmother: A Life Transition

“This is a fabulous addition to our library! I am sure guests will find it enjoyable and informative!

Ben Powney, Activity Manager,, Celebrity Century

“I finished reading your wonderful book! I loved every page, and found it very helpful. It should be required reading for every new mom and every new grandma. I’ll recommend it to my support group right away.”

Jenna D. Barry, Author,

A Wife’s Guide to In-Laws: How to Gain Your Husband’s Loyalty Without Killing His Parents