Friday, August 17, 2018
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“New Grandmas” Book on PDF

For Grandmas. For Moms.

Treat yourself. Start a conversation.

I was about to become a grandmother.

But, I didn’t want to be called Grandma.

Too old. Gray hair. Rocking chair. Stooped over. Wrinkled. Knitting.

THAT’S NOT ME! That was MY Grandmother!

I’m young! (if mental age counts)
I’m in good shape. (I can still swim a few laps)
I haven’t even retired. Not really.
I don’t even have wrinkles. Not really.
And, only a few gray hairs, hardly enough to notice.
I did take up knitting again to make grandbaby booties.
But, my rocking chair is the one I used for my own children.

I told all my friends I was about to become a grandmother.  You’re TOO YOUNG, they agreed!

Several started thinking about new names for a young grandma.

None of the old, traditional ones would do. Nana. MeMaw. Gammy.

Finally, someone came up with one I liked.

Glam-ma! Glamorous Grandma! Yes!   That’s it.


I announced my new name to the expectant parents.

Their faces fell. They were SHOCKED.

My son finally stammered, “You will be our child’s only grandmother.

We thought you’d be honored.”

And, of course, I am.

Grandma it is.

What tender conversations come out of this new role.

What potential for hurt feelings.

In both directions.

As we all try to feel our way into this new station.

This reversal of roles.

Still parent, but only indirectly to our grandchildren.

Grandparents with a history of parenting,

But no longer the responsibility.

So, we try to offer our generation’s worth of parenting to the new parents.

But, they don’t really need it. Or want it.

In fact, they have pretty strong opinions themselves about how to be parents.

And, they’re pretty good at it.

What to do with all this unneeded advice?

I started talking to other grandmothers.

What would you say to the mothers of your grandchildren, if you could say it without hurting their feelings?

And, then, I talked to mothers.

What would you say to the grandmothers of your children, if you could say it without hurting their feelings?

The generations need to talk to each other.

But, they don’t.

Because they don’t want to hurt each other’s feelings.

And, because it seems like the other side is not listening.

So, I set about to interview them and write down their advice.

Where it wouldn’t hurt anybody.

And, might start some conversations.

These interviews eventually turned into a book.

eBook cover

“Who Gets to Name Grandma?
The Wisdom of Mothers And Grandmothers”

A book based on 40 interviews.


Read about:

Presents, pooping and spanking
Car seats, caffeine and crying
Sugar, smoking and spoiling

Nursing, newborns and names
Acid reflux, Army and allergies.


A book based on becoming a grandmother.

What should we call Grandma?
What was the most popular name in a recent survey?
Who gets to decide?
Why do grandmothers resist being called Grandma?
How soon should you visit a new mother?
How can you help once you arrive?
Why wouldn’t a mother want her perfumes dusted?
What does a great-great grandmother say are the 3 rules for raising children?
What is behind the power struggle over gifts?

These and other mysteries are answered in this new book:


“Who Gets to Name Grandma?”

The Wisdom of Mothers And Grandmothers”Find out how to navigate those difficult family dinner conversations.

Don’t you think you should…
In my day, we…
If that were my child, I would…

I can’t believe you’re…
Mother, please…


Granny-Guru asked the question you cannot ask

FIND OUT WHAT other mothers and grandmothers are saying.

If only she would….
If she just wouldn’t….
Doesn’t she know that….

Why can’t she see that….
Things are different now…


Establish a deeper relationship. FIND OUT HOW TO:

Initiate conversations
Re-draw boundaries
Agree on issues

Discover the real reasons for frustration
Know when it’s time to back off.


Granny-Guru Lends Her Ear

A grandmother herself, twice over, author of six books in which she interviewed hundreds of executives across the country, Granny-Guru listens to mothers who are raising their precious children and grandmothers who are a loving force in their lives.There is nothing scarier, or more frustrating, or more emotional than raising kids.And no other subject where there are so many opinions.With this book, you will:

Enhance your relationships
Start conversations about tricky subjects
Find tips and tricks for solving common problems like:


Distant grandparenting
Picking the right gifts
Alternatives to candy as a treat

Negotiating visits
Turning off the television.

Eighteen months in the making, after tens of hours of interviews, this downloadable book is available immediately, for only $9.52.

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“Who Gets to Name Grandma?” is also available in PRINT or on Kindle!  You can get your copy now thrugh Amazon at:

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What are OTHERS SAYING about these interviews?

I’d like more. I think it would be delightful to hear more from Grandmothers.Grandmother of twoI got two copies. One for me and one for my daughter.Louisiana Grandmother As they say of Olympic gymnastics, you nailed it!

Mother of an infant



I love the idea of your book and can’t wait to read it all.

Mother of two under three.

Just read this. I think it hits the spot. It gave ME someone who understands me as well. So, I don’t feel that I raised MY kids all wrong.

Two grandsons, one granddaughter

I think such articles can promote understanding between grandparents and the parents of their children.

Grandmother of three



I LOVED the article. I think it was very much on point and gave me some insight regarding my mother’s thought process….I know she’s not trying to undermine my authority – perhaps I knew that all along but this gently reminded me of that.

One son, one daughter


Don’t wait another day.

This is the time to start having those conversations.
This is the time to find out what others do.
This is the time to build a solid relationship between generations.


Time is short.

Share it with grandmothers
Share it with mothers
Share it with friends

Share it with fathers.


Build strong relationships.

Warm, loving, close.

You will be glad you did.

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“Who Gets to Name Grandma?” is also available in PRINT or on Kindle!  You can get your copy now thrugh Amazon at:

Print Version: Kindle Version:


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Your mothers and daughters will be glad you did.

You will be glad you learned how to raise children in today’s world.

FIND OUT THE SECRETS shared by other mothers and grandmothers.

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