Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Grandchildren are the children of a parent's children. That is, the sons and daughters of a woman's son or daughter are her grandchildren.

This blog is designed to address the relationship between parents and their adult children as well as promoting a closer relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren.

Related areas of interest may include how best to learn about how the world has changed since Boomer parents had their children.

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In addition, grandparents-to-be often want to explore names beyond the traditional names of Grandma and Grandpa.

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Finally, new grandparents may want to prepare for their new relationship with their adult children as parents, the respect new parents look for and how to offer the wisdom new grandparents can share.

Click here to order our own book, "Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers", a series of essays based on 40 interviews with mothers and grandmothers about advice they would like to give each other about parenting and grandparenting.

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