Friday, September 21, 2018
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To get a more in-depth description of any term in the Glossary, as well as a list of articles that relate to the term, just click on the term in the list of Terms below. You’ll be taken to a page that contains the Term, the Longer Description, and a list of articles related to that topic.


Family history, like genealogy, may include names, places and dates of birth, and relationships among family members. It may also include more specific information, such as a medical family history, to provide a clearer picture of possible medical risks, such as cancer.
Also see: Genealogy

Flat Stanley was initially a character in a children's story book about a little boy who became flat enough to be mailed. A geography teacher took this concept and invited his students to make life-sized pictures of themselves, then take photos of that life-sized image wherever they traveled.

A Forever Stamp is one printed by the U.S. Post Office that does not change denomination when the cost of mailing a letter changes. It will always be sufficient to mail a letter, even when the cost of postage goes up.

The term "Fun with Grandchildren" refers to activities that bring generations closer together.
Also see: Grandchildren