Monday, September 24, 2018
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I remember sitting in the office of a client. I was in my 30s. Stereoscopic image of “Diagrammatic chart of functional foremanship under Scientific Management. Frank B. Gilbreth Consulting Engineer.” Shows functional hierarchy of 10 job titles. (Photo credit: Kheel Center, Cornell University) He managed a team of software engineers. I managed a group brought in for special expertise to supplement his team. For some reason, I felt comfortable confessing to him that in assessing myself I generally compared myself to the best of everybody else and, of course, came up short. While this... (Read More ...)

My former college roommate had called me at work six months before and we talked for an hour. Michigan, highlighting Ann Arbor in red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) She had been undergoing aggressive chemotherapy at Duke for the breast cancer that had recurred. When she and I met in college in some Spring-quarter Freshman course, we connected instantly. When we moved in together our Sophomore year, she joked about how everyone on our dorm room floor must think us an odd couple. She, sexually abused by her father. Me with such a normal family you’d have thought we’d been painted. She had come home... (Read More ...)