Monday, September 24, 2018
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She watches tenderly as her daughter Sara’s big brown eyes glow with amazement and joy while playing with the dolls in her dollhouse. Her thoughts wander back to her own childhood, growing up in New York City, during a time when life was less hectic and mom’s deep passion for life was mirrored in the grand Victorian dollhouse she loved so much. There was an entire world to be discovered there – beautifully crafted furniture, miniature floral landscapes, chandeliers, and decorative artwork, just like you might find in the many fine shops on Madison Ave. She remembers her mom’s love for flowers... (Read More ...)

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Dollhouse Masterpieces are entering your life – Watch for Them! The passion you have for your dollhouse is about to explode with color, texture, dimension, and expression from all over the world – these signature creations will ignite your passion and spark your imagination. They will give your dollhouse treasure a unique individual characteristic unlike any other. All signature pieces are expressions of the hearts and souls of artists from all parts of the world. Each unique piece comes with a document of authenticity and is signed by the artist. You will find them soon at (Read More ...)