Friday, September 21, 2018
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  Have You Ever Had a Dog? After 12 years of being married, we had finally lived somewhere longer than I had ever lived anywhere in my life. We had lived in our second house for five years. It seemed like a good time to get a dog. I’d never owned a dog, but my husband had told many stories about the dogs he’d owned growing up. Two Beagles (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There was Mitzi, his first dog, the cute little fur ball. There was Major, the biggest, smartest German shepherd he’d ever met before or since. There was the dog that adopted and brought home other stray dogs. There was the... (Read More ...)

Have You Ever Had a Cat? Our seven-year-old son came around the corner of the house we had left for a year. Neighbor’s cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A stray cat was draped around his shoulders. “Can we keep him?” “No. He probably is trying to find his owners, who must have lived here while we were gone. Cats can travel miles to find the house they used to live in. I’m sure his owners will look here first.” “But, he’s hungry.” That is an argument that works. Even knowing that when you feed a cat you are likely to end up owning it, we could hardly let it starve. “We’ll... (Read More ...)