Friday, September 21, 2018
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In almost every women’s room I go to, the soap dispenser is either on or over the sink, where drips fall with each use. At a recent rest area stop between Washington and Boston, I noticed something different. The soap dispensers had been mounted between sinks, so drips would normally have fallen on the floor. But someone, I assume the smart cleaning staff, had positioned the tall wastebaskets in the room under the soap dispensers. Drips simply fell into the wastebaskets. I have taken to wiping up extra water and soap spills when I finish drying my hands, just to leave sinks a little cleaner than... (Read More ...)

Actually, the sign at The Fells parking lot said, “No Live Parking.” We couldn’t figure it out. No one in the parking lot had any idea. What good is a sign, and there were several scattered around, that no one understands. Some Internet searching revealed the meaning. Don’t sit and idle with your car on in the parking lot. I guess this makes some sense in a park, where the trees might suffer from the exhaust. Except that the message is totally lost when it doesn’t mean anything to anyone. Have they really had so much idling that they had to post a number of signs about it? Gets us talking... (Read More ...)

A few days ago I was in a Wal-Mart when the lights went out, apparently because of the flash floods nearby and, though the sky was then clear, remnants of the recent storm that had dumped 5 inches of rain in our yard the night before. I noticed, however, that the lights over the cash registers that were open were still on, and, the cashiers were still checking people out. How smart, I thought. Back-up power for the cash registers. I wonder how much money a Wal-Mart store loses for every minute its cash registers are down? Then, someone in the line behind me said one of the managers told him the... (Read More ...)

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship focuses on teaching how to start a business to high school and middle school students in low-income neighborhoods. They are having a video contest in which the students in their program either started, or co-founded a company around an idea they can explain in 30 seconds. The videos show their elevator pitches and invite visitors to their web site to vote. I voted for Silly Bones, no surprise that I would want an author to succeed, this one a creative approach to bridging the gap between Spanish and English pronunciation. When I was well into adulthood,... (Read More ...)

A class I took recently on Internet Marketing, by Kevin Wilke, suggested that if you wanted to introduce yourself to someone, you should first comment on their blog. Not only is this a warm introduction of you, it is a kind of cash for the person you want to meet. Most blogs have some way of earning money. I don’t know what they all are yet; I’m trying to learn. But, one of them is to invite Google to put their Adsense targeted ads on your blog. They try to match keywords in your blog to relevant ads. You can block some, if, for instance, you don’t want competitors advertising on your site. Relevance... (Read More ...)

A popular five-year-old blog and events company, Techcrunch, which focuses on reporting and hosting comments from its readers on technology startups, was just acquired by AOL. Financial details are not yet available, but guesses range in the tens of millions. Last month Newsweek, the venerable old weekly news magazine, was sold to a Washington, D.C. entrepreneur by the Washington Post Company for a “minimal” amount, that did not take into account the tens of million of dollars of debt being transferred. And, thus the business model for delivering news changes. We are not losing news organizations,... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia We just bought a Subaru Outback, a small Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), with All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), and a high clearance, with our long driveway and DC’s recent record snowfalls in mind. Happily, on a recent road trip, we averaged 31 miles to the gallon. My husband also noticed a new dial on the dashboard that, like a speedometer, gave him a near real-time look at how efficiently he was consuming gas. That is, if he jack-rabbited away from a light at an intersection, his average miles-per-gallon Eco-gauge (how’s that for naming a product appropriately?!) tells him that... (Read More ...)

I’m a Redskins fan. My nephew, from Dallas, converted to being a Redskins fan when he visited and found out how loyal Redskins fans traditionally have been. We’ve been tested over the last few years. Ticket prices have skyrocketed. The owner made sure you can’t even take the subway to the stadium anymore, by getting the police to claim it was a safety issue if you walked on the sidewalk, so you’d have to pay exorbitant parking prices. You are frisked on the way in so you can’t bring in your own drinks or food, so you have to pay exorbitant stadium prices. The owner seems bent on making... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia I spend a lot of time in cars now, driving to Georgia (12 hours each way) every four or five weeks.  As we recently bought a new Suburu Outback, when I spent a lot of time in car showrooms looking at new cars, I’m a little more up-to-date on features. Flo-TV shouted one poster. As it happens, loading a video in the car for children to watch on the back of the headrests in the front seats, can now be complemented with live television, while you’re driving. I was born after the amazing feat of putting radio transmission in moving cars was accomplished. And, after all, with... (Read More ...)

I had brunch recently with the Bull Run Women’s Connection, (an outreach of the Christian Women’s Stonecroft Ministries.) I had asked if I could speak there about my book, and they invited me to their upcoming brunch. I, of course, sat next to the only other woman in the room with a hat. She’s been wearing hats so long, her real estate practice tag line is, “The Lady with the Hat”, and so is her email. Barbara Owens, as it happens, is also the Vice President in charge of Programs, so we started planning a program around how to wear hats, the fact that anyone can wear hats, how to pick... (Read More ...)