Thursday, August 16, 2018
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The Varsity, in Atlanta, Georgia, the largest drive-in restaurant in the world, opened in 1928. My first meal in Atlanta, at The Varisty near Georgia Tech’s campus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It is a regular stop on our trips through Atlanta to Hogansville, Georgia. Although my husband had another hangout with his high school friends in Newnan, much closer to his home in Moreland, a trip to the big city of Atlanta was a rare treat that we now honor when we drive through the city. What is it that keeps people coming back to the same place for generations? There’s efficiency. A couple of dozen... (Read More ...)

She watches tenderly as her daughter Sara’s big brown eyes glow with amazement and joy while playing with the dolls in her dollhouse. Her thoughts wander back to her own childhood, growing up in New York City, during a time when life was less hectic and mom’s deep passion for life was mirrored in the grand Victorian dollhouse she loved so much. There was an entire world to be discovered there – beautifully crafted furniture, miniature floral landscapes, chandeliers, and decorative artwork, just like you might find in the many fine shops on Madison Ave. She remembers her mom’s love for flowers... (Read More ...)

1739 Edition of Poor Richard’s Almanac (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Do You Still Have an Almanac? When my children were young, I had two almanacs. One I kept near the dining room table. I had little tolerance for arguing over facts that were known. I had no problem with people expressing different opinions and defending them. But, when it came to “This is true.” “No, this is true,” I wouldn’t let the discussion get too far before I’d pull out the almanac and look it up. My kids were annoyed and neither of them became lawyers. But, both of them became software engineers, a world... (Read More ...)

Read the original here: Using Your Dollhouse to Decorate Your Home  (Read More ...)

U.S. Route 66 Road Sign Bumper Stickers. Barns. You Can Get Your Kicks on Route 66. U.S. Route 66, established in 1926, originally ran 2,448 miles, from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. Because of its role in providing a route out of the Dust Bowl of the Midwest in the 1930s to California, John Steinbeck, in his novel, “Grapes of Wrath,” called it “The Mother Road,” a name by which it is still known today. In 1938, it became the first highway to be completely paved. Cultural Icons Missouri is the home of the first bumper sticker. Leslie Dill, owner of Meramac Caverns in... (Read More ...)

Dollhouse Masterpieces are entering your life – Watch for Them! The passion you have for your dollhouse is about to explode with color, texture, dimension, and expression from all over the world – these signature creations will ignite your passion and spark your imagination. They will give your dollhouse treasure a unique individual characteristic unlike any other. All signature pieces are expressions of the hearts and souls of artists from all parts of the world. Each unique piece comes with a document of authenticity and is signed by the artist. You will find them soon at (Read More ...)

Newsroom of the New York Times, 1942 We still get The Washington Post every morning. But, I must say, they are making it harder to like their Sunday paper. They have buried the comics in a section that is half-size and, itself, buried in a bunch of other sections. Parade magazine is buried in a package of advertising inserts. My favorite wordplay column is buried I know not where, or care anymore. I read the Tank McNamara cartoon to keep up with what is going on in the sports business, Gary Trudeau’s cartoon for politics, and Dagwood, Dennis and Peanuts cartoons for nostalgia. I read... (Read More ...)

When my son was in elementary school, he needed new shoes about every six months, a precursor to the fact that he grew to 6’3”. Nike Air Pegasus 27 While I didn’t mind getting him shoes that fit, I mightily objected to buying expensive shoes that were branded by a sports figure who was already making a lot of money and didn’t need extra from me for his endorsement contract when I just needed shoes. The fact that boys in the ghetto were being shot and their expensive shoes stolen was another argument for tamping down the hype over branded shoes. I once became the talk of the soccer Mom crowd... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia My son and daughter-in-law just painted our grandson’s bedroom. It is a spectacular, self-designed pattern of peanut red, white and sapphireberry blue stripes. If you are familiar with the Pottery Barn kids’ furniture, you may also recognize the Benjamin Moore paint colors designed to go with that furniture, and accessories like picture frames. What a great partnership between two natural allies, teaming up to make decorating coordinated. I give the parents credit for sticking to their planned design in the face of repeated trips to the paint store for more striping... (Read More ...)

My dry cleaner just moved. I hadn’t been in a month or so and just went to drop off a pair of slacks and a dress before a business trip. This is the second dry cleaner in that space in the last two years. The previous one lasted seven years and looked prosperous, right up until the end. This one looked bare-bones, appropriate for the economy, I thought. I have yet to find out where they went. Instead, I went looking for the next closest one, five minutes away, downtown in the nearest town. Looking busy, with someone standing at an industrial iron and someone else working at a sewing machine,... (Read More ...)