Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Image via Wikipedia Two weeks ago when I was visiting my almost-five granddaughter, she had me read to her from a book that used Disney characters to retell Mother Goose rhymes and fables. While this is a clever extension of Disney’s brand, I wanted her to have some control over the commercials she sees, so decided to use my digital camera to set up photos to illustrate our own Mother Goose with her own stuffed toys. I could see a stuffed cat in her living room, and asked her if she had a fiddle anywhere lying around. No, she didn’t. But, I spotted a drum and started rewriting the rhyme... (Read More ...)

Image by Getty Images via @daylife I opened the drawer to put away clothes after nearly a week away. A garden scent hit my nose, and I looked down to spot a dryer sheet on top of my clothes. Oh, yes. My granddaughter had picked it up off the floor when she visited the week before, as I was taking a load of clothes out of the dryer. “You can put those in drawers to make them smell sweet,” I told her. She headed straight for my bedroom and found a drawer to set it in, on top of a pile of my clothes. I’d forgotten that encounter until I opened the drawer again, now almost two weeks later. I... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia When we were in Boston, we took our granddaughter on a day trip to Cape Cod. We had never been and it’s only two hours from her house. We drove along the ocean highway, but still couldn’t see the water, until we turned into a long street marked for the beach and came upon a lovely beachside park. A horse trailer was parked there, with two horses being readied by their riders for a beachside run. No one was swimming in the cold water, but I started picking up smooth rocks, remembering a book I’d bought years ago, Stone Cats, that transformed smooth, flat rocks into... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia Turns out, there is now a whole world on Youtube for Origami planes. Boomerangs. SX fighter jets. Stunt planes. All with very simple folds from a square of paper. All fly. This is not your grandmother’s paper plane. I took a class a couple of years ago that was all women. One of the get-to-know-you exercises was to make a paper airplane, have your group vote on which one they wanted to make, with criteria such as how simple it was to make and how far it flew. Mine flew the farthest, so we picked it, but I wasn’t that great at teaching the team members how to make... (Read More ...)

Image via Wikipedia Either four-year-olds are getting smarter or I have to readjust my mental image of what a four-year-old can do. Today a friend introduced me to her four-year-old niece. As I am wont to do in front of children, and because I was cutting up a year’s supply of Origami squares from last year’s Christmas wrapping paper at the time, I offered to make her a cup out of one of the paper squares. Her eyes got wide when I poured water into it so she could drink out of it. I asked her if she wanted to make one. She did. And, then she taught her aunt to make one. In five minutes,... (Read More ...)