Thursday, August 16, 2018
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A friend told me recently that she had received a book for Mother’s Day from her daughter that gives her a place to write down stories about her childhood and her children. Children with a book (Photo credit: Wikipedia) She planned to sit down and fill out every page. Called “Mom, Tell Me Your Story: A Guided Journal,” the book is a series of questions with lined pages leaving room to write down the answers in the book. The questions are organized in four categories: Family framework Milestones Lessons Learned Personal. The family framework questions invite the reader to enter their parents’... (Read More ...)

What a birthday gift – a book about you and to you from a Grandma who is a writer. Cheryl Therrien, an author and blogger ( and who loves technology, decided to write a series of letters to her upcoming grandchild. Letters from Grandma She published her book, Letters from Grandma: Before You Were Born, just weeks before the May 4, 2013 arrival of her new grandson. She nicknamed her grandchild Sweetling. She has already started a conspiracy with Sweetling to spoil him or her rotten, and to reveal his or her daddy’s tricks, showing her delight at the thought... (Read More ...)

Having no daughters, I imagine that mothers and daughters have a deep, intimate relationship in which they can share hopes and fears, tea parties and toenail painting. Mother and Child watching each other (Photo credit: Wikipedia) But, that may just be in my imagination. I’ve interviewed enough young mothers now to know that when young women become mothers, whether they are daughters or daughters-in-law, their mothers think the relationship will remain one-way – they will continue to give advice. Daughters, by contrast, just like sons, think that they are pretty good at this parenting business... (Read More ...)