Monday, September 24, 2018
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About Carol Covin

Carol Covin – The Hat Lady


I became a grandmother at 58. I soon realized there were expectations for the role across generations that I had not suspected.

Eventually, I interviewed 40 mothers and grandmothers and asked them what advice they would like to give to each other and wrote a book about the experience, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers.”

As one grandmother pointed out, we all become gurus when we become grandmothers.

I have taken that as my nickname, Granny-Guru.

This site has four aims:

  • Highlight inspirational cancer survivor stories
  • Inspire grandparents, especially those facing cancer in their lives or families, to write their autobiographies
  • Offer observations on how parenting has changed since Boomers raised their children
  • Describe fun activities to enjoy with your grandchildren.


In 2008, we started a company, Sky Blue Pharmaceuticals, LLC, to bring a promising cancer treatment to clinical trials. All proceeds from my books go toward supporting Sky Blue Pharma.


A friend, Rod MacQueen, with inoperable stomach cancer, prolonged his life for five years by analyzing cancer survivor stories. At the end, he found an obscure approach to cancer treatment that had never been through clinical trials. We started Sky Blue Pharma to take it through trials. The ribbon is in Rod’s honor.

We invite you to check out the media about Sky Blue Pharma and Granny-Guru through the links below.


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Social Media





YouTube – Reading from upcoming book, “Cancer Should Come with a Secretary.” Excerpt: “Skinny Toes,” at Grounds Central  Station, Open Mike Night, Manassas, Virginia (Thanks, Victor Rook, videographer)