Example of a digital scrapbook page created us...
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I read recently that scrapbooking, with revenues exceeding $1 billion, has now surpassed golf in sales. I shop at Michael’s. It is my favorite craft store. After bookstores, it is the one place where I am content to relax and browse the aisles. In every other store I go into, I shop like a guy. I know what I want and I just go buy it.

Michael’s has nearly the entire one end of the store devoted to scrapbooking materials. A cousin recently showed me the three scrapbooks she is creating for her now, nearly grown children, in which she has separated out the photos of each child and created theme pages around each stage of their lives, just as they are leaving college and launching into jobs.

Now, there is digital scrapbooking.

It is the computer version of decorating pages that you put your family photos on. I learned about this when I was nosing around the Internet and ran into a “blog train” of 100 artists who were contributing free digital scrapbook designs. You can buy designs for digital scrapbook pages.
But, you can also sign up for one of the free mini-kits for digital scrapbooking.