Saratoga Springs Toboggan Run
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In 1967, I was a sophomore in college.

It was January, at Michigan State University.

We had not yet had any snow for the season.

I got a phone call from a guy who was a fraternity brother of someone I’d dated briefly several months before.

He said one of the other brothers had suggested he call.

We talked for three hours.

During that conversation, he asked if I wanted to go toboganning.

I said yes, but asked if you could go when there was no snow.

He said he was from Georgia and some people said he controlled the sun (a different story – something about making it snow whenever his friends wanted to play co-ed football – touch for guys/tackle for girls – more fun in the snow).

He said he would turn the sun off.

That was Tuesday.

It started snowing on Thursday.

By Friday, January 27, the night of our date, we had 27 inches.

They closed the school because of snow for the first time in its history.

The roads were closed.

We could not get to the toboggan run.

We pulled the toboggan to his fraternity house, loaded it up with beer, dragged it to his apartment and had a party.

We were married a year later, almost to the day, on January 24, 1968.

Happy anniversary. Go. Spartans!

We’ve still never been tobogganing.

What is your how-we-met story?

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