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The last couple of times our grandchildren have visited, they have been interested in Origami. I learned how to make the flapping bird from my great-aunt, who was a missionary in Japan. But, it’s not the first Origami thing you should start with. I usually start with the cup. My grandchildren now remember how to make that when they visit, rush to make one, fill it with water and drink from it, then are anxious to try new things.

This last visit, we made a simple Origami dog, as illustrated in the book, Origami for Children. We glued on paper circles from my hole punch that we colored in. A variation on how to make it can be found on a Youtube video for making an Origami dog.

This is what is different about reading books now. They get you started, and, if you have trouble following the printed instructions, you can find out if someone has made a video showing you how to do it.

Finally, my grandson wanted a Labrador, because he has two at home. We’ve made the butterfly, windmill, cup, walking crab, banger, and drinking bird from the book Everything Origami. My daughter-in-law (DIL) made the heart box.

But, the Labrador defeated me, even with a YouTube video designed to accompany the book. Will have to wait until the next time my awesome DIL visits. She knows how to translate two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional folds. Even without a video.

And, that is the new way to read a book.

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