Love Is the Meaning of Christmas. The Littlest Angel.

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The inscription inside the book reads:

“To Bobbie and Carol, from Ken and Jeanne.”

The book, “The Littlest Angel,” was copyrighted in 1946. I was born in 1947.

Ken was my Dad’s college roommate and lifelong best friend.

Since the book’s inscription did not include my younger brother, born just 13 months after me, I must have received it my first Christmas.

It is now worn from many readings, many years, and many moves.

What Was The Littlest Angel?

The story is a familiar, but sweet one.

A little boy, taken too early to be an angel at the age of four, tried to be a good angel, but was, after all, an active, mischievous little boy.

What Gift Did He Give?

And, then, he found out that all the angels were gathering their best gifts to honor the Son of God, who was soon to be born in Bethlehem.

The Littlest Angel decided to give a box that he had been allowed to bring with him to Heaven that contained all the treasures he had gathered in his short life.

Then, he thought better of it because it was so humble.

It was just a butterfly, a bird’s egg, two stones, and a dog collar.

But, before he could snatch it back, it was received with the love with which it had been given.

It was held up as a sign of the treasures of the earth the Son of God was entering and would soon leave.

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May you and your grandchildren enjoy the treasures of earth and the gift of each other’s lives and love this season.

Carol Covin, “Granny-Guru”

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers