Things for Kids to Make for Their Grandparents for Christmas. 


Child Pushing Grandmother on Plastic Tricycle

Do you remember making things for your parents at school? At Brownies or Girl Scouts? At church?

Are you looking for unusual gifts your children could make for their grandparents this year?

Here are some suggestions:

Things for Kids to Make for Their Grandparents for Christmas


1. Photo puzzle. Mount a picture of the grandchildren with their grandparents, or doing something they love, or of the whole family by gluing it to a piece of construction paper or poster board. Cut it into puzzle pieces. Put a copy of the picture on a box top. Put the puzzle pieces in the box.

2. Illustrated Book. Staple, or punch three holes in the edge of a stack of paper and tie with ribbon. Have the grandchildren draw pictures on each page of things they enjoy doing with your grandarents.

  •             Variation: Title each drawing, describing the activity and the last time they did it with their grandparents.
  •             Variation: Write a story about fun times with their grandparents and illustrate with their own drawings.
  •             Variation: Instead of drawing, cut out pictures from magazines that remind them of favorite things they did with your grandparents.

3. Illustrated Poem. Copy a favorite poem onto a piece of paper and illustrate it with drawings.

  •             Variation: Write one or two lines of the poem on each page and illustrate them with their own drawings.
  •             Varation: Memorize the poem and recite it for their grandparents, in person, or on a video.

5. Customized Anagram. Write the grandchild’s name, or the grandparent’s name down the left side of a piece of paper and use each letter to start a word that reminds them of their grandparents.

6. Magic Show. Put on a magic show, in person, or on video. Here are five tricks from previous Frugal Friday posts:

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To you and enjoying the warmth of family at this special time of the year.

Carol Covin, “Granny-Guru”

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers”