Sweatshirts. Libraries. Did You Ever Wear Your Mom’s Clothes? 

Personalized Hearts Sweatshirt

Personalized Hearts Sweatshirt

Did you ever give your Mom gifts that included the names of her children? Of her grandchildren?

I never wore my Mom’s clothes except as dress-up with my friends when I was little.

She had saved several long gowns from college parties and allowed us to indulge.

But, by high school, outdated styles aside, I was 5’6″ to her 5’2″, so none of her clothes ever fit me.

What About Now?

I inherited several gifts after my Mom came to live with us, then passed away 2 ½ years later, that included the names of her children or grandchildren.

One, a sweatshirt, has my brothers’ and my names on the front. I rarely explain that the “Carol” on the shirt refers to me, not my daughter or granddaughter.

My sister-in-law always found the sweetest gifts for my Mom and this was one of them.

Surrounded by Love

When I wear the sweatshirt, it is as though my Mom is hugging me.

Now, mind you, she was not a hugger. So, this isn’t a memory.

It is, however, a warm reminder of how important she was in my life.

And, it is a reminder that she was loved.

She had three children. All married and all had children.

Remembering Mom

We told stories about her, to be sure, whenever we got together.

“Do you remember when Mom told me just to lie still in my bed? There was a bat in my bedroom that had come in through an open window.

She said if I didn’t make any sudden moves it wouldn’t bite me and they would get it out of the house.”

“Do you remember the fire we set in my bedroom closet that Mom tried to beat out with a throw rug before she called the fire department?”

“Did you know that Mom went to the library and copied down, by hand, information about hundreds of companies that I was looking at to interview for my second book?

Then, she came home, typed them all up with addresses and phone numbers and sent them to me, saving me weeks of research.”

“Do you remember when Mom asked for a computer and Internet access for her 80th birthday?”

“Do you remember when Mom drove up to the Southern end of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia to drop her grandson off to start his hike?”

It’s Your Turn

What are you getting your Mom for Christmas?

Would she like a sweatshirt with the names of her grandchildren?

One day, it could be yours.

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What favorite gifts have your children or grandchildren given you?

What reminds you of their love even when they are not there?

What favorite gift did you give your Mom?

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To you and the love that surrounds you in gift and spirit.

Carol Covin, “Granny-Guru”

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers