Today, we have a guest blogger, David Haas. He is a hospital family coordinator who decided to start assembling cancer information after seeing many of his friends lost to cancer. In this blog, he focuses on the importance of a community of support.

By David Haas, Guest Blogger: Talking About Cancer: Knowledge, Friendship, And Support

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Organizations like the American Cancer Society have several programs and services to help cancer patients understand their illness, manage their treatment, and get assistance. These resources make it a little easier for patients to find information, gain perspective, and receive emotional support at a time when they often feel lost and alone.

Cancer Survivor Networks

Whether someone chooses a community support group or an online survivors network, camaraderie through cancer is invaluable. All cancer patients need support, whether they are facing breast surgery, rare mesothelioma, or any other cancer. Survivor networks celebrate life, and each other, by sharing knowledge, resources, and personal stories.

Talking about cancer, and writing about it, are extremely important practices. Although many cancers can now be treated or cured if discovered early, any cancer diagnosis sets off an emotional crisis. For some, cancer is the hardest, most frightening challenge of their life.

There is no right or wrong way to deal with cancer, but talking about it can help tremendously. Most support systems include a patient’s doctor, spouse, family, friends and, maybe, colleagues. But nothing beats talking about cancer with other survivors — people who have endured the experience themselves, and survived.

Benefits Of Talking About Cancer

According to Macmillan Cancer Support, a London cancer support community, talking about cancer gives people a measure of control. Discussing their fears and frustrations with cancer survivors helps them gain a better understanding of their own situation.

Support groups help patients find answers and make decisions based on knowledge from people who have “been there.” Sometimes, talking about a particular worry keeps it from growing bigger than it really is. Most of all, talking creates a bond between people who care, appreciate, and support one another.

Benefits Of Writing About Cancer

Words can be healing, whether they are spoken or written. For some people, writing about cancer is easier than talking about it in person. This is one of the reasons online support networks are so popular today.

Writing about emotions is therapeutic. Cancer patients can utilize this therapy through discussion boards, chat rooms, blog posts, email, and more. Internet support groups allow people to communicate their feelings any time of day or night. They also allow for anonymity, which is a more comfortable option for many people.

However cancer patients choose to express their feelings and experiences, the important thing is that they do so. Talking about their illness, journaling about it, and participating in cancer survivor networks are excellent ways to cope with illness, develop friendships, and support one another.

Guest Blog By: David Haas

Haas, a Hospital Family Coordinator, is assembling information for cancer survivors

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