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Bar of Soap

Soap. Pieces. What Can You Do With Leftover Soap?

What do you do with leftover bits of soap? Or, do you have liquid soap dispensers now, instead of bars?

I just smash the old piece of soap onto the next bar. But, creative people collect them to make new bars or molded soap.

The simplest recipe is to grate the soap, add water and melt it down. Pour into a mold, like an old margarine container, and let rest until dry and hard.

Make New Soap from Old

Here is a recipe from Make Soap at Home for a slightly fancier version. You can also add coloring, oils and fragrances, found at crafts stores, like Michael’s:


32 oz. white soap

3 cups water

3 cups methylated spirits (denatured alcohol)

16 oz glycerin


1. Using a hand held cheese-grater, grate the soap into the finest consistency you can achieve (this will quicken the melting process).

2. Melt over low heat until fully melted.

3. Alternate between adding water and methylated spirits until everything is added. Don’t be hasty, take your time.

4. Stir over low-medium heat while adding the glycerin.

5. After reaching a smooth consistency, remove from heat and pour into the shapes/molds of your choice.

6. Cover for 24 hours,  then leave to cure for about 2 weeks.

WARNING: methylated spirits is a highly flammable substance and should never be used over an open flame.

If you don’t want to make your own soap, and don’t want to smash it onto a new bar, but still don’t want to throw away the last bits of soap, here are some other ideas from How Can I Recycle This?

  • Papier maché: break into small pieces, mix with toilet paper and water to play with. It has the consistency of whipped cream; store in plastic bag
  • Lubricant to keep in toolboxes (great for the ends of screws), sewing kits (for the ends of needles), and bicycle repair kits)
  • Soap dispenser near garden or tool shed. Tie up bits in an old onion bag or sock, near an outside water tap
  • Add to pump soap container, with extra water
  • Dissolve in water, add to mister spray to spray for bugs in garden
  • Use in soapy water to find leaks in bicycle tires or gas line leaks
  • Insert in loofah scrubber or washcloth mitten for bath
  • Store with boxes of books or papers or inside pockets of winter coats or cupboards of stored clothes to keep out moths

What did your Mom used to do with leftover soap?

What did your Grandma do?

Do you remember the smell of soap in your Grandma’s house?

What else can your grandchildren think of to do with leftover soap?

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To you and teaching your grandchildren the many ways to have fun and be practical.

Carol Covin, “Granny-Guru”

Author, “Who Wants to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers