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When my younger son was little, we used to go to art museums.

I’d read a book by a former Montessori teacher about an easy way to introduce children to art by playing games with art postcards.

You could buy pairs of postcards and play the memory game, Concentration, turning 20 to 30 postcards upside down and turning over two at a time to see if you could match them. (This worked best if you taped the postcard to a piece of construction paper or cardstock so the backs would all be the same.)

You could try to match up paintings by the same artist.

You could try to put the art postcards in a timeline based on when they were painted.

You could try to group schools of artists.

The book I used, Mommy, It’s a Renoir, has now been reprinted as Child Size Masterpieces

When we went to a museum, we went to the museum shop first, bought five postcards each and then tried to find those paintings in the museum. My son could usually scan his and mine in the first five seconds after we entered a room to see if there was a match, then he had to wait five minutes or so to let me walk around and enjoy the paintings.

While I took my grandson to a museum when he was five months old and my granddaughter to a fascinating exhibit of art made with everyday objects last year, we don’t go often.

What I’ve done instead is find coloring books drawn by artists.

Now, there is a site by an artist with free downloadable pages for budding artists to color.

If children take photos of their finished pages, they can upload them to Flickr and submit them for possible inclusion on the site.

These are the kind of detailed drawings that are individualized by color. They are perfect for children who have outgrown their first coloring books and are looking for something more challenging.

While not all the drawings print on a full-page, the most recent ones in the pattern library do. They make perfect coloring-page size, intricate black and white drawings suitable for coloring on a rainy day, on a long ride in the car, or during that last hour before dinner when tempers are short and a calming coloring activity is just the ticket.

Thank you, Carlton Hibbert and guest artists, for this beautiful site! Click here to choose your favorite coloring pages at the site.

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To you and a lifetime of beauty for your grandchildren.

Carol Covin, “Granny-Guru”

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers