Typical brands of Potato Chips at a superstore.

Typical brands of Potato Chips at a Superstore

For $1, you can buy a photo book at Wal-Mart that has 36 pockets in it for an inexpensive photo album.

I talked about my annual photo project for my grandchildren in an earlier post when I described one of last year’s books as I was finishing it up for Christmas, Patterns with a Purpose.

In that book, as I was researching the origins of such common objects as fly swatters, shopping carts and bubble wrap, all of which I had taken pictures of with my grandchildren, I found interesting stories about how these inventions came to be. These stories were included in the typed captions I glued to the photos before slipping them into their pockets.

This year’s themes, one for their birthday books, one for their Christmas books, are Air and Signals. I’ve already taken one of the Air photos. We went to a potato chip factory with our granddaughter. The last step, after they drop in the potato chips and before they seal the bags, is to blow a puff of air into the bag. This cushions the chips so they are less likely to break in transit.

Did you know that? I didn’t know that. So, I took a picture of my granddaughter standing in front of a rack of potato chips in the factory lobby. The caption will include the story about the puff of air.

For Signals photos, I am looking for things that signal something to us. For instance, when I leave a basket of clothes on the floor near the washing machine, it is a signal to my husband that they are dirty. They have not yet been washed. When I leave a basket of clothes on top of the dryer, it is a signal they are clean. They have not yet been folded and put away.

What kinds of signals do you have in your family?

Other Signals photos planned include having one of my grandchildren point to the magnet on our dishwasher that turns one way to signal clean dishes in the dishwasher and another way to signal dirty.

One grandchild will point to the flag on our mailbox, which, when standing up, is a signal to our mail carrier that we have left letters to be picked up. The mail carrier, in turn, puts the flag down when they have picked up our letters and delivered the day’s mail.

If you would like to know about other themes I’ve made photo books around so you can make photo albums with your grandchildren, please enter your email address in the sign-up box for our newsletter at the side of this web site, and we will send you some more suggestions, including a tip about including old photos from your photo albums so your grandchildren can see what their parents and grandparents looked like when they were young.

I look forward to sending you our Photo Book Theme Suggestions report. I know you can’t wait to get started with your grandchildren!

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