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The most popular post this week was:

How Do You Build a Strong Popsicle Bridge?

The most popular post this month was:

How Do You Build a Strong Popsicle Bridge?

Next week, look for:


Angry. Birds. Help.

How did one of the most popular games on a cell phone get started? What tips will help you play the game?


Face. Recognition.

What are you going to do about the photos in a shoebox? Leave the shoebox to your children? Are they all labeled? Will your children know who they are?


QR. Code. What Is a QR Code?

What do waffles have to do with QR code? Scavenger hunts? Why was it invented?

Book Thursday:

Last. Lecture. How to Write an Autobiography.

If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you write an autobiography for your children? For your grandchildren? What would you tell them?

Frugal Friday:

Non-Newtonian. Fluid. What Is Corn Starch?

What do Silly Putty, Stretch Armstrong, and cornstarch have in common?