William A. Mitchell, a chemist and food scientist working for General Foods, invented Pop Rocks (1975) , Cool Whip (1967) and Tang (1957).

First, Tang was a fruit-flavored drink when it was released in 1957, then a powder in 1959 that got picked up by the NASA Space program.

Tang was sent into space with John Glenn on his Friendship 7 Mercury spacecraft flight, the first American to orbit the earth, on February 20, 1962. Tang was used for Glenn’s eating experiments in space. Tang has, ever since, been associated with the Space program.

Using a favorite 1960s recipe, I used to keep Russian Tea on hand to make for our family and guests, especially around Christmas time,  and package it into pretty glass containers as gifts, a lovely, simple, frugal hostess gift.


John Glenn OK - GPN-2000-001026

John Glenn OK – GPN-2000-001026 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Russian Tea

2 cups Tang

1 cup instant tea

2 cups sugar

2 packages lemonade mix (pre-sweetened)

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground cloves


Mix above ingredients together well. Use 2 heaping teaspoons to 1 cup of boiling water.


Carol Covin, Granny-Guru

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers



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