Space Shuttle Challenger launches on STS-7.

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How Do You Build A Strong Popsicle Bridge?

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Visual. Table of Contents. Who Wrote the Star-Spangled Banner?

Why are good visualization tools important? What does this have to do with the  Space Shuttle Challenger?


Paper. Towels. Which Brand of paper Towel Is the Most Absorbent?

Is Bounty the best? How would you find out? How do you compare most absorbent against strongest, or best value? What about cloth?


Teenagers. Values.

Guest post on Radical Parenting site. What do 120 teenagers have to say to parents?

What does Granny-Guru have to say about parenting teenagers?

Book Thursday:

When Did Squirrel Disappear from American Cookbooks?

Where can you find out how to dress a squirrel? Where do they put squirrel in Brunswick stew? If you don’t have a squirrel, what else could you use? What does this have to do with the Pony Express?

Frugal Friday:

Gumdrops. Toothpicks.

Can you make a pyramid with gumdrops? With marshmallows? How many CDs can you pile on it before it collapses?