If you were a creative artist and decided to paint dozens of old bicycles white and make a fence around your yard with them, at what point would you realize this is a great theme for a children’s book?

bicycle fence.

Bicycle fence. (Photo credit: bestbib&tucker)

Sculptor and landscape designer, Tom Noll, in Washington, DC, just wrote his first children’s book around the theme of recycling, called The Bicycle Fence.

Based on his decade-long white bicycle fence project in Manassas, Virginia, which he famously decorated for holidays and various occasions, Noll’s book introduces children to the many ways you can recycle, starting with re-using items no longer serviceable for their original purpose.

He puts himself back into his childhood in the book, when a little boy’s father reuses parts of a truck to put together a whole, working truck.

But, much to his son’s embarrassment, he leaves the fenders, hood and top the various colors he found them in.

Think Joseph’s multicolored coat in truck form!

In Noll’s hands, the story turns into a lesson in empowerment, to say nothing of helping out the planet.

Noll’s story is told through his own words and the delightful illustrations of Brandon Fall.

“The Bicycle Fence” is the first in Noll’s planned series of children’s “Trash to Treasure” books.

And, not only does he end the book with a list of activities children can start immediately to earn a Recycling Certificate, but he is starting a recycling club for children to exchange more ideas about how to recycle.

It was our parents who lived through the Depression with the mantra, “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”

We didn’t have to suffer through a Depression, but this is still a good time to get your grandchildren thinking about how to take care of the planet they will inherit.

Click on the audio button below to hear an interview with the author of The Bicycle Fence, Tom Noll.

Click on the title The Bicycle Fence to order your copy of this new children’s book from amazon, in plenty of time for Christmas.

Note: Granny-Guru received a complimentary pre-release copy of The Bicycle Fence.


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