The Alfred Hitchcock movie, Psycho, filmed in black and white, was released on June 16, 1960.

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Alfred Hitchcock showing Norman Bates’ house, in Psycho’s trailer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was one month shy of my 13th birthday.

I have never seen it.

By the time I was deciding whether to see it, I already knew about the violent, bloody opening death scene.

I was not interested in watching that kind of gore for entertainment.

I still have nightmares about Birds, with Tippi Hedren.

These were, perhaps, two of Hitchcock’s most famous movies.

They joined a long list of more than 50 Hitchcock movies, including Torn Curtain, Rear Window, North by Northwest, To Catch a Thief and Strangers on a Train, in which two men collaborate to kill each other’s wives to commit the perfect murder.

I loved Alfred Hitchcock.

I thought he was a story-telling genius.

I watched his television series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, faithfully, every week.

Its 361 episodes aired from October 2,1955 to May 10, 1965, a month before I graduated from high school.

I still remember the opening music, the sight of Hitchcock stepping into the line drawing of himself, which he drew, and looking for his cameo appearance in every episode.

I inherited my love of a good murder mystery from my mother, who could tell you within 15 minutes who the murderer was when we watched Perry Mason on tv together.

Perry Mason, starring Raymond Burr, aired weekly from September 21, 1957 to May 20, 1966, the year after I graduated from high school.

For its first five years, it was on Saturday nights, then on Thursdays for two years, moving to Sunday evening its last year.

I remember half-sitting, half lying on the arm of a stuffed chair, my legs stretched out and propped up on a bookshelf, eating from a bowl of popcorn on my stomach on Sunday evenings, watching Perry Mason.

It was among the few times Mom and Dad watched tv with us.

Perry Mason reruns are still shown today on two tv channels.

Hitchcock Presents aired on Sunday nights for five years, then Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday nights.

When homework was done, we could watch tv.

Hitchcock Presents was one my two brothers and I could all agree on.

What was your favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie?

Did you watch the tv show?

Are your grandchildren old enough to watch Alfred Hitchcock?

To you and sharing your love of movies with your grandchildren.


Carol Covin, Granny-Guru

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers

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