What a birthday gift – a book about you and to you from a Grandma who is a writer.

Cheryl Therrien, an author and blogger (grandmotherdiaries.com and geekgirlusa.com) who loves technology, decided to write a series of letters to her upcoming grandchild.

Letters from Grandma

Letters from Grandma

She published her book, Letters from Grandma: Before You Were Born, just weeks before the May 4, 2013 arrival of her new grandson.

She nicknamed her grandchild Sweetling.

She has already started a conspiracy with Sweetling to spoil him or her rotten, and to reveal his or her daddy’s tricks, showing her delight at the thought of seeing them in the next generation.

“A gentle word of caution now, your father will no doubt know when you have something mischievous planned.”

“Try not to think about it ahead of time and make it a spur-of-the-moment surprise.”

“He will not tell you this, but he did the very same things you are thinking of doing now when he was your age.”

“Where do you think those ideas come from anyway?”

“Yes. You are your father’s child.”

She also picked out an unusual gift for the parents-to-be, a rocking chair.

“I have consented to provide a rocking chair for your parents to use to rock you to sleep or whatever.”

“OK. I offered and they consented.”

With such a gift, Therrien is saying to the parents that she knows they will have many days and nights when only rocking will soothe the baby.

With such a gift, she gives them days and nights of closeness to that precious bundle.

With such a gift, she passes on the memories of being rocked by their parents.

When I was expecting my own first child (in those days you never knew the gender until they were born), I found an old rocking chair, stripped it and refinished it, in anticipation.

My mother-in-law made a cushion for it and my father-in-law crafted a replacement spindle in his workshop for one that was missing.

With such a gift, the torch is being passed.

In addition to telling her soon-to-be grandson, whose gender she didn’t know when she started writing the letters, that he was loved already, she puts her advice to her new grandchild in values she wants him to learn:

  • All things are possible
  • You are loved
  • Pay attention to your health throughout your life
  • Take time to enjoy life.


Appreciate Your Parents

Though this letter is written to remind her grandchild-to-be to appreciate what is right in front of them, the same sentiment applies from parents to their adult children.

“[Your parents] know they cannot protect you from all the bad things that can happen in life, but they will be there to help you get through them.”


Make Your Own Choices

Anticipating the many voices of advice that children and then, adult children hear, Therrien tries to arm her grandchild to trust its own inner voice.

“When you are young you want nothing more than to make all your decisions yourself.”

“By the time you are ready to make all your decisions for yourself you will want someone to give you advice.”

“That’s when you have to listen to what people have to say and then make the decision that is best for you.”


Looking Ahead

Looking forward to the time when that little grandchild is snuggled in her lap to be read to by a grandma who loves to read and loves to write, Therrien advises her grandchild:

“I think this is enough for a first letter.”

“Yes. There will be more.”

“Yes. You have to read them when you are old enough to read.”

“That way you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much you were and are wanted and loved.”

Click below to hear an interview with author, Cheryl Therrien, about her new book, Letters from Grandma:

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Note: Granny-Guru is a contributor to Therrien’s blog, grandmotherdiaries.com, and received, on request, a complimentary copy of the book for this review and permission to display the cover.


Carol Covin, Granny-Guru

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers



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