Life in Death 

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A woodblock from a photograph of Algernon Swinburne, aged 52. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    He should have followed who goes forth before us,
Last born of us in life, in death first-born:
The last to lift up eyes against the morn,
The first to see the sunset. Life, that bore us
Perchance for death to comfort and restore us,
Of him hath left us here awhile forlorn,
For him is as a garment overworn,
And time and change, with suns and stars in chorus,
Silent. But if, beyond all change or time,
A law more just, more equal, more sublime
Than sways the surge of life’s loud sterile sea
Sways that still world whose peace environs him,
Where death lies dead as night when stars wax dim,
Above all thought or hope of ours is he.

Extra Info:
August 2, 1891.

From “Astrophel and Other Poems” – 1904

Algernon Charles Swinburne

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