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My friend, a new grandfather, had tears in his eyes.

He and his wife were not allowed to see their new grandchild because of their religion.

They are Methodists.

It was two years before my friend met his first grandchild.

I have another friend who told me her best friend from high school asked her to teach her how to pray when her mother died, because she had never learned.

The mother of one of my favorite baby-sitting families when I was in high school advised me that when I picked a spouse, I should find one with the same religion.

She had actually had no religion when she married, but eventually decided that her husband’s religion was her spiritual home.

When I picked up my then two-year-old grandson at my son’s confirmation ceremony into the Catholic church a few years ago, he asked what Grandpa and I were doing there.

He knew his grandparents went to different churches from each other and he had never seen us at his other grandparents’ church.

“This is an important occasion for your father,” I told him. “Grandpa and I want to support our son on this big day.”

Our grandchildren do not attend Sunday school classes at our church on the occasional Sundays when they are visiting us.

But, they do go to services with us, coloring or reading books and sitting quietly.

Everyone in our church knows them and is delighted to see them when they visit.

And, that’s what I would want for my grandchildren, to know church as a welcoming place, quiet at times, full of music at others, a community of compassionate people.

Even though, for various reasons, we did not take their fathers to church when they were growing up.

Grandparents get to do things different, if they want, and the parents allow.

Do you take your grandchildren to church?

Are there different religions represented in your family?

Is religion a topic of conversation, or purposely not?

To you and wishing your grandchildren spiritual peace.


Carol Covin, Granny-Guru

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma?



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