Did you or your daughter or daughter-in-law call you by your Grandma name?

I was quiet about my Grandma name when my grandchildren were born.

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A ladybug standing on a leaf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I figured they’d call me Grandma Covin, just like I’d called my grandmother, Grandma Last Name.

However, one grandchild had no other grandparents and one grandchild’s grandparents chose different names for themselves.

So, I became simply, “Grandma.”

When June Kilpatrick was a little girl, her aunt gave her a nickname, June-bug.

Though she saved her children’s furniture intact, she had no grandchildren of her own.

But, she did have step-grandchildren.

Taking the naming process into her own hands, she decided to adopt her childhood nickname and become Granny June-bug.

But, how to instill this into her grandchildren?

Before they were born, the process started.

She created counted cross-stitch embroidery pictures for their nurseries.

She sewed a Noah’s Ark picture to tell them stories.

All were signed with her soon-to-be Grandma name, Granny June-bug.

And, of course, she used her Grandma name whenever she saw them.

Still cute as a button, even now at 80, Granny June-bug she is.

I found out my grandchildren had fully adopted my name when they learned to read and write.

One picked out a license plate at a yardsale, “World’s Greatest Grandma.”

The other wrote me a note, “Dear Grandma, You are awesome.”

And, a second one, “I have two Grandmas and your one of my favorites.”

Full disclosure: I pay my grandchildren $1 each time they write me a note.

You will also enjoy my post,  Why Would You Put Butter in the Well? about Granny June-bug’s memoir of growing up during the Depression, Wasps in the Bedroom, Butter in the Well.

It includes an interview with Granny June-bug.

How did you decide on your Grandma name?

Did you make one up that is unique to you?

Did you pick a family tradition name?

To you and giving your grandchildren a time capsule, their Grandma.


Carol Covin, Granny-Guru

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers



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