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I had never read the book Pinocchio before I brought home a copy from my in-law’s house.

It was published in 1916.

Pinocchio was written by Italian writer, Carlo Callodi, in 1883.

I didn’t even connect the name of the puppet-maker, Geppetto, to the fact that this story is set in a village in Italy.

The story, of course, is universal.

  • Little boys disobeying their parents keep getting in trouble until they learn to listen.
  • They get in even more trouble if they lie about what they’ve done.
  • If you have a good heart, people will help you.

I knew of Pinocchio from the Disney version, released February 7, 1940.

  • Do you remember Pleasure Island, where lazy little boys get turned into donkeys?
  • Do you remember Monstro the giant whale that swallows Geppeto while he is looking for Pinocchio?
  • Do you remember the Blue Fairy who keeps rescuing Pinocchio and finally grants his wish to become a real little boy?

I mostly remember Jiminy Cricket, that little cricket who was assigned to be Pinocchio’s conscience.

The book differs from the Disney movie in a few ways that don’t change the story.

Jiminy Cricket is only there at the beginning and the end in the book, not throughout the story.

In the Disney version of Pinocchio, and subsequent short films on the Mickey Mouse Club, Jiminy Cricket sings half a dozen songs:

Pinocchio has many more opportunities to mess up and disappoint his father, Gepetto, in the book, before he finally understands that it is up to him to be strong enough to resist temptation.

In the book, Pinocchio was a talking piece of wood before he was ever carved into a puppet.

But, the story thread is the same.

Dreams do come true.

Introduce your grandchildren to this timeless story.

They will be reading it or watching it with their grandchildren.

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Have you ever read the book the Pinocchio Disney movie is based on?

Did you remember the donkey ears and tails?

How many Jiminy Cricket songs can you sing?

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