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Cards for Hospitalized Kids. Fun with Grandchildren

My grandmother was the Principal in the school at the University of Michigan’s hospital.

She was responsible for making sure that children who were hospitalized for a long time did not fall too far behind in school.

Today, there are still children who will be in the hospital over Christmas.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids was founded by an 11-year-old girl, Jen Rubino, in 2006, because of her own chronic illness, multiple surgeries and extended hospitalizations.

You and your grandchildren can make much-welcomed cards for hospitalized kids for Christmas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • They like to get them a week to two weeks before the holiday so they will have time to distribute them, but if you miss this year’s window, they distribute cards every month
  • Sign your first name only
  • You can include holiday greetings, like Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Holidays
  • The cards do not need to be in envelopes
  • You will receive a thank-you letter that lets you know which hospital your card went to. They are distributed all across the country.
  • Don’t address the card to a specific person
  • At the request of the hospitals, do not write “Get well,” “Feel better,” or related comments. Many of the children suffer from chronic or fatal conditions
  • What can you say?
    • Stay Strong
    • You’re Awesome
    • Always remember how amazing you are
    • You Rock
    • I hope you have a great day today
    • You shine brighter than the sun
    • You’re the best
    • Be Brave
    • You’re beautiful
    • I believe in YOU

Do not include any personal information, like email, phone number, or address in the card.

Do not include any religious greetings, like “God bless you” or “I’m praying for you,” at the hospitals’ request, as they treat patients of all or no religion.

Click here to see some sample Christmas cards to make.

Send cards to:

Cards for Hospitalized Kids
6567 N. Olmsted
Chicago, IL 60631

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