Do Your Ice Cube Trays Have Handles?

A couple of weeks ago, visiting my son and his family, I noticed the brain-shaped ice cube trays in his freezer.

Ice cubes in a tray

Ice cube tray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Yeah. I found them at a yard sale for 40 cents and thought they were funny,” he told me.

Halloween has always been one of his favorite holidays.

Most refrigerators still require that you make your own ice with ice cube trays, the standard since ice compartments were added to refrigerators in 1916.

In my childhood, we went from the aluminum ice cube trays with dividers that you had to knock on the counter or twist to loosen, to the more sophisticated models with handles that you pulled on to release the ice cubes.

As an adult, before we moved into a house with a refrigerator with its own ice cube maker, the flexible plastic ice cube trays were our standard.

They were cheap and you had only to twist the tray to release all the cubes.

However, ice makers in refrigerators were introduced in 1953, evolving from those requiring manual filling to those allowing hook-up to the house’s water line.

Ice makers in doors of refrigerators, so you don’t have to open the door to get ice, were introduced in 1965.

Since then, ice makers have become a common feature in many refrigerators.

Still, inventors are trying to solve the problems of overfilling, odors, and odd-sized drink containers with ice cube trays that are covered, stainless steel handled, vertical, and slim tubes suitable for water bottles.

They are getting creative with freezable shapes with LED lights inside that light up and look like illuminated pumpkins.

But, the rubber ice cube trays invented by Lloyd Groff Copeman, grandfather of Linda Rondstadt, in 1928, that are now made out of silicone, introduced a precision in shapes not available to the aluminum, stainless steel or plastic models.

Copeman, an engineer who studied at what was to become Michigan State University, invented flexible rubber ice cube trays after noticing that ice did not stick to his boots when he went walking in the Winter woods collecting sap for maple syrup.

A quick review of what’s now available for Halloween reveals ice cube trays in shapes like:

And, of course, the one that got my son’s attention, brain ice cubes.

You can get them all at, just in time to help your grandchildren get ready for Halloween.

What kind of ice cube trays do you have now?

What kind did you grow up with?

Do your grandchildren have silicone-shaped trays?

To you and enjoying silliness with your grandchildren.


Carol Covin, Granny-Guru

Author, “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers


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