She watches tenderly as her daughter Sara’s big brown eyes glow with amazement and joy while playing with the dolls in her dollhouse.

Her thoughts wander back to her own childhood, growing up in New York City, during a time when life was less hectic and mom’s deep passion for life was mirrored in the grand Victorian dollhouse she loved so much.

There was an entire world to be discovered there – beautifully crafted furniture, miniature floral landscapes, chandeliers, and decorative artwork, just like you might find in the many fine shops on Madison Ave.

She remembers her mom’s love for flowers and the many happy times she spent with her mom walking to the flower shop and how the bouquet of flowers they brought home filled the house with such brilliant colors and wonderful scents.

Her first love had always been daffodils – because they were her Dad’s favorites – with their bright yellow reflections like the warmth of the sun and the promise of spring and new beginnings.

As her gaze returns to Sara, her eyes are suddenly filled with tears and her heart finds joy in the bright yellow miniature daffodils she and her daughter “planted” at the entrance of the dollhouse right after 9/11.  She knew Dad would always be in her heart and that Sara would remember him for loving her as only a “grandpa” can.

Her Dad never came home that day, but as life is renewed every springtime and the daffodils are re-born, she looks into her heart and finds him there.  She reaches out and embraces Sara and rejoices in the loving warmth of her Dad’s memory and legacy.

The Dollhouse Whisperer


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