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My husband recently read, Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human, by Richard Wrangham. Something in his description of the book caught my interest.

People who are already thin use more energy to digest their food. OK. Thin has the advantage that it helps you stay thin.

But, and this is where it got interesting. Raw food takes more energy to eat and more to digest. Raw food as a diet technique.

Now, this is something available to anyone who is trying to keep their weight down. Thin or not offers you no advantage. Eating raw food offers you an advantage. You use more energy eating it.

I guess this is because you have to crunch through the skin of fruits and vegetables and tear them apart because they’re not soft from being cooked.

Ditto for your stomach when it comes time to digest the food. It hasn’t already been cooked so your system has to add more juices to break it down. The book maintains that you cannot eat just raw food, so it’s not a 100% solution. Heavy on fruits, vegetables and nuts, in other words. Raw meat, not so much.

Cooking may have made us human. But, not cooking keeps us thin.

An apple a day is looking better and better. Jack LaLanne, developer of the Power Juicer, so you could eat more raw fruits and vegetables, would have been proud.

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