Can You Write a Secret Message on a Banana?

We’ve probably all tried or been fooled by the magic trick where you peel a banana and find that it is already sliced.

You use a needle and thread to slice the banana unpeeled. Amaze your friends by handing them the pre-sliced banana that they will only discover when they peel it.

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If you’ve never seen this trick, click here to watch a video showing you how to push a threaded needle from one ridge to the next around a banana until you’re all the way around.

You end at the first hole on the ridge in the skin. Then, pull the thread to slice the banana inside the skin.

Keep going around the banana this way until you have as many slices as you want.

Then, leave the banana out for anyone to peel, only to be surprised that it is already sliced when they peel it.

What About the Secret Message?

But, there is another magic trick with a banana that I had never heard of.


  • 1 banana
  • 1 pencil with an eraser on one end or a toothpick


Use the eraser end of the pencil or the toothpick to write a secret message on the skin of the banana.

What Should Happen?

The toothpick message is faintly visible as soon as you write it.

Within an hour, it is clearly visible.

The eraser message can’t be seen when it is written. It takes several hours to show up.

Just in time for a child’s lunchbox, or a grandchild’s snack.

When my grandson tried this trick, he wrote “I Love You.”

He is saving the banana to give his Mom when he goes home.


Thanks to for this activity, using an eraser.

You can also find it at, where they use a toothpick, instead.


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