How Do You Make a Helicopter from Paper?

You can make something that spins when you drop it as though it were a helicopter, with its turning blades. (Photo credit: Wikipedia


  • A piece of rectangular paper, like notebook paper
  • Staples or paperclips
  • Scissors.


  • Fold up the bottom third of the paper; crease; unfold
  • Fold down the top half of the paper; crease; unfold
  • Cut a notch on each side of the paper, cutting a wedge along the fold of the bottom third, with an angle above the fold one-third of the way into the paper
  • Fold the two sides of the bottom third over the middle third
  • Staple or paper clip the three layers together
  • Cut down the middle of the top half of the page to just below the half-way fold line
  • Fold one side of the top half forward; crease
  • Fold the other side of the top half backward; crease
  • Drop from as high as you can reach.

What Will Happen?

The paper helicopter will spin as it drops lightly to the floor.

Helicopters, like fixed-wing aircraft, use an airfoil shape in the blades to create lift.

Click here for a description of the parts of a helicopter.

Click here for a description of how helicopters fly.

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Do you know the difference between the rotor flight of helicopters and fixed-wing flight of airplanes?

Did you know that helicopter blades were shaped in a similar way to airplanes?

Did you know you could make a paper helicopter that “flies” like maple wings?

To you and finding how nature works.


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